Helping you get rid of rodents

Mice Droppings

Identifying the Rodent

Just like humans have fingerprints. Rodents leave dropping to identify who they are. This is the first step in removing a pest problem.

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Tips for Removal

After discovering a pest problem in your home is to get rid of them as soon as possible. We provide DIY for pest removal that any one do. These are proven tips that are sure to work.

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Tools for Repellant

After getting rid of the rodent the next step is to make sure they NEVER, NEVER, NEVER
come back again. We provided a list  of proven tools

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Mice droppings are a sign that you have an unwelcome guest in your home. Unfortunately these uninvited guest rarely travel alone. I know how frustrating it is to have a rodent problem especially when you have a decent up keep in your home. Our goal is to give you tips and tools on removing pest from your home and making sure it doesn’t happen again. The removing of rodents can be very costly when you have a professional come to your home. We hope our cost effective DIY solutions give you the answer to you rodent problems.